BREAST Gynaecomastia

FAQ: Gynaecomastia (Man Boobs)

Q. What is Gynaecomastia?

A. Gynaecomastia means male with female like Breast. Gynaecomastia is Enlargement of Breast gland in males.

Q. Why does it occur?

A. It occurs due to high level of Estrogen (Female Hormone) or Estrogen to Testosterone (Male Hormone) ratio.

Q. Do I require Treatment for Gynaecomastia?

A. Gynaecomastia is classified into 4 grades. Grade 1 being normal to mild enlargement and grade 4 being female like Breast. Grade 2 onwards will require some kind of plastic Surgical intervention.

Q. How is Gynaecomastia Treated?

A. Gynaecomastia can be managed with Liposuction only or Liposuction + Excision of gland depending upon amount of fat & gland in Enlarges Breast Tissue.

What is duration of Surgery?

A. 1 hour to 2 Hour

Q. Weather there will be scars/ Skin mark after Surgery?

A. Scar is at the junction of Areola(Dark) and Norma Skin which is Generally not noticeable to anybody.

Q. Weather the results are Permanent?

A. Usually results are permanent, but weight gain, hormonal imbalances and the use of certain medications (steroids) can cause the problem to reoccur.

Q. What care is required after surgery?

A. After surgery one has to wear Pressure garment and avoid heavy exercises for 1 month.

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