Chemical Peels

FAQ: Chemical Peels

Q. What is Chemical Peel?

A. Chemical peels special chemical are applied in unique concentrations on skin which makes it eventually peel off. The new skin that grows after procedure is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

Q. What are the conditions treated using chemical peels?

A. Chemical peels are used for the treatment of Acne pores, wrinkles, scarring, Pigmentation, photo-aging due to sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, and discoloration including melasma, freckles, and age spots.

Q. What are the commonly used peeling agents.

A. Glycolic acid peel, Salicylic acid Peels, TCA Peels are used commonly in different combinations and concentrations.

Q. How long do chemical peels take?

A. 10-30 min depending upon condition to be treated and type of peel used.

Q. How Many Peels Do I Need?

A. We recommend a course of 3-6 peels, one or two weeks apart.

Q. What should I expect postoperatively?

A. After a light peel your skin may feel tight like it does after a sunburn. In medium and deep peels face will be red, scabby and peeling for up for 5 days to two weeks after your treatment; You will be advised about skin care.

Q. When I can return to normal activities?

A. Superficial peels after 2-4 days, Medium peels after -5-7 days, Deep peels-after 2-3 weeks

Q. How long do the results last?

A. With good skin care and sun protection, results can last months. it painful to have chemical peels?

A. You may feel a mild stinging sensation during light or medium chemical peels.

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