FAQ: Dermaroller/ Microneedeling

Q. What is Dermaroller/ Micro needling?

A. Micro needling is a procedure that involves using a dermaroller that has many fine, very sharp medical quality needles.

Q. How does it work?

A. This stimulate new collagen growth, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scarring and fine lines making skin smoother and shiny.

Q. What are the conditions treated with dermaroller?

A. Dermaroller is used for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks. Hair fall and cellulite.

Q. Is it painful?

A. The numbing cream is applied over skin so that pain is minimal.

Q. What is duration of procedure?

A. depending upon area to be treated procedure takes 20-40 min.

Q. How many sittings are recommended?

A. usually 4-10 sittings are recommended at the interval of 1 month.


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