Mesoglow & Mesolift

FAQ: Mesotherapy, Mesoglow & Mesolift

Q. What is Mesotherapy, Mesoglow & Mesolift?

A. Mesotherapy is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which micro-injections of vitamins, minerals, medications & amino acids are injected just underneath the surface of the skin.

Q. It is painful?

A. Numbing cream is applied over area to be treated I so it does not hurt,

Q. How does the treatment work?

A. It activates your skin’s healing cells and the solution injected into your skin to give you back that overall lift, smoother texture and delays signs of aging

Q. How many sittings are usually advised?

A. A treatment ranges from 4 cycles to as many as 10 treatments depending on the size of the area being treated and the results desired.

Q. When Can I go back to work after the treatment?

A. there is no downtime you can go back to work on very next day.

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