Penile Lengthening

FAQ: Penile lengthening and enlargement

Q. What is penis lengthening surgery?

A. Procedure to increase size and girth pf penis is called penile enhancement procedure.

Q. How is the surgery performed?

A. The penis is then released from its attachments to the pubic symphysis. And the space is closed with local tissue, it provides more natural shaft skin.

Q. Who is a candidate for this surgery?

A. Cosmetic surgery is elective and best performed on healthy realistic patients.

Q. what is duration of surgery?

A: the procedure takes 1-2f hours and the patient remains for observation for at least 3 hours prior to discharge.

Q. What are the risks of penis lengthening surgery?

A. The common complication following penis lengthening surgery is bleeding. Rare complications include infection, scarring, penis shortening, erectile dysfunction, or decrease in penis sensation.

Q. When can i return to work?

A. Most patients can return to non-physical work in 2-3 days after surgery. Can resume to normal work usually within 1 week.


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