Scar treatment

FAQ: Scar Treatment

Q. What is Scar?

A. Scar is a mark on the skin or body tissue due to Trauma, Injury, Surgery, wound or burns.

Q. What are different types of Scars?

A. Scars can be Normal Scar, Hypertrophic Scar or Keloid Scar.

Q. Can a scar be permanently removed?

A. Scars can not be permanently removed but they can be minimised to the extent so that they are not noticeable.

Q. Cab a scar be treated without surgery?

A. Well settled hair line scars are managed non surgically but wide, depressed or elevated, Prominent scars may require surgical intervention.

Q. What is scar Revision surgery?

A. In this surgery scar is removed using surgical knife and again re-stitched using fine thread and plastic surgical skills, so that final scar is very minimal.

Q. What is duration of surgery

A. Duration is around 30 min to 1 hour depending upon size of scar.

Q. What anaesthesia is used for surgery? Is surgery Painful?

A. Small sized scars can be revised under local anaesthesia; Surgery is not painful.




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